Tree Trimming & Tree Removal

Tree Trimming

We trim trees and remove dead limbs and branchesWe take great care when it comes to trimming trees. With an improper technique that novices often accidentally hurt the trees instead of helping them. We know how to trim your trees the right way!

  • Limbs need to be cut at appropriate sizes at certain times of the year to prevent disease or entry of insects
  • Branches need to be safely cleared away from electrical wires and telephone poles to avoid power outages or fires
  • Felling paths need to be laid out and cleared to protect both the workers and the tree
  • Tools need to be in their best condition to achieve clean cuts

Our arborists give us expert advice on each specific tree and when and how to go about performing services on them. Their help makes every job a success.


Tree Removal

We remove trees of any size, from your propertyUnwanted trees are usually dead or dying and need to be removed for health, safety, and aesthetic purposes. There are projects, however, where live trees should be removed when they interfere with:

  • Other trees
  • Buildings and foundations
  • Driveways
  • Utility and electrical wires
  • Obstruction of views
  • Pool areas

If your trees have any of the following problems, contact us today!

  • Dead, decayed, insect-infested, or diseased limbs/branches
  • Cracks or splitting limbs/branches
  • Excessive sucker or sprout growth
  • Cavities or wounds
  • Root exposure
  • Fungus (e.g. mushrooms are indicators of rot and decay)
  • Contact with electrical wires